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RDJ Enterprises LLC: Transportation Services You Need

"We focus on transporting you so you can focus on doing you."

Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Transportation 

Our sincere desire is to provide our customers with a care free night of celebrating special occasions such as bachelorette and bachelor parties. No one should have to worry about moving from one venue to the other after consuming adult beverages while celebrating special occasions. 

RDJ Enterprises LLC encourages living life to the fullest while we transport you safely and guard your secrets. You’ll never have to worry about your night of celebrating being anything more than a fond memory when you book with RDJ Enterprises LLC.

Prom and Graduation Transportation

One of the greatest accomplishments in a young persons life is the culmination of years of primary education and celebrating its completion by attending prom and walking the stage during graduation. There’s no better way to celebrate both prom and graduation than to do so with the friends that your young person has walked the halls of their high school with. 

It only takes one young person to make the wrong decision and potentially ruin years of hard work for other young people and their families. By booking RDJ Enterprises LLC for your young persons transportation on their special night, you lessen the chances of your young person being victimized by an irresponsible driver. All of our drivers are CDL certified, professional and experienced - having driven under the most challenging circumstances.

Here at RDJ Enterprises LLC we value life, and we’re determined to employ drivers that are parents themselves; who knows what it means to pace the floor at night waiting for our young person to make it home safe. Call us for your graduates special night and rest in knowing you’ve contracted the very best for your young persons celebration.

Company Shuttle Transportation

There is no better way to impress and impact your employees, clients, and existing customers than showing them that you’re first class and that you care about their safety. 

Games and Concert Transportation

The DFW Metroplex is replete with entertainment and opportunities for family outings. Whether it’s games, concerts, or family gatherings during national celebrations and holidays, RDJ Enterprises LLC will transport your small group safely and comfortably to your choice of recreation.

Wedding day Transportation

After the groom took a chance by proposing, and the bride surviving the rigors of planning her special day; after choosing your wedding party - possibly alienating friends and family because they weren’t chosen to be apart of your wedding party; the last thing you need is for your special day to be marred by the chosen ones being late to the rehearsal dinner following the rehearsal. Nor should you worry about the wedding party taking a detour following your nuptials and possibly not making the reception after spending all that money on that reception venue.

Consider keeping your wedding party together until your special day is full and complete by booking RDJ Enterprises LLC for your wedding parties transportation needs. Not only will we get your wedding party there on time, but we’ll keep the detours to your events to a minimum. Your special day will always be special when RDJ Enterprises LLC provides your transportation.

Wine Tasting Transportation

Did you know that north Texas has some of the best winery’s in the country? One being right here in Gainesville Texas. Less than an hour from the metroplex, your party can be shuttled from DFW to Gainesville Texas for a safe and tasty wine sampling adventure.

RDJ Enterprises LLC is honored to have partnered with Deschain Winery and Cellars for your wine tasting experience and guarantees your travel there to be comfortable and safe. You don’t have to purchase an airline ticket and travel to nappy valley for top of the line wine tasting. There are award winning winery’s right here in North Texas that will far exceed your expectations. Book us today for your adult outing that will be enjoyed by your entire party.

A Little About Us

Fast and friendly, we offer professional transportation services throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area. Our team is up for any job, from big to small. 


At RDJ Enterprises LLC our purpose is to provide professional shuttle service to groups in need of a designated driver for events like weddings, proms, bachelorette and bachelor events, company executives and employee luncheons, funerals, and group staycations.

Our goal is to transport groups of 15 or less safely to and from events within the DFW Metroplex. We purpose to eliminate the dangers of family, friends, and coworkers convoying from one venue to the other. With RDJ Enterprises LLC you’ll never have to concern yourself with whether or not your bridesmaid or best man will be on time to your event.

Our professional drivers focus on transporting you so that you can focus on doing you. 

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