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The purpose of this Agreement (“hereinafter Agreement”) is to create a legally binding contractual Agreement between RDJ Enterprises LLC Service (“hereinafter the Company”) and any and all Client(s) of the Company.

Parties – The parties to this Agreement are the Company and the Client.

Services – On the date, and at the time and location specified, either in the RDJ Enterprises LLC Booking Form and/or previously agreed upon by both parties, the Company shall provide the Client with a duly qualified and licensed driver and 15-passenger van. The van shall be to the Client and Company’s agreed specifications as previously agreed upon at the time of booking.

Payment/Fees - All payments and/or shuttle service booking fees shall be made in two (2) separate installments. The first payment constitutes the deposit. The deposit shall be fifty (50%) percent of the total amount of the booking fee.

(Example: if the booking fee is [$400.00] dollars the deposit shall be two [$200.00] hundred dollars, leaving a remaining balance of two hundred [$200.00] dollars.) The deposit is non-refundable. The Client shall make the deposit immediately, prior to the rendering of services by the Company. Once the Company has rendered services to the Client the remaining balance is to be collected by the Company from the Client. The remaining balance shall be paid in full by the Client. Both payments, i.e. the initial deposit and the remaining balance shall be made in cash only.


Driver – The driver shall be a representative of the Company, and as such, shall display professional and courteous behavior and utilize excellent communication skills when dealing with the Client. The driver shall wear clean, well-kept, and pressed casual or business attire and shall be well-groomed.

Van – The van shall be clean: inside and outside, and in excellent mechanical condition always throughout its usage by the client.

Beverages and Refreshments – If included in the booking, I.e. price(s) and arrangement(s), the Company shall provide such items; these items shall be neatly displayed in the van for the convenience of the Client. 


Special Accommodations – Clients who book van (shuttle) services for minors. Special events for minors, or any other occasions involving minors, I.e. when parental supervision will not be available for minor passengers, in van(s) owned and operated by the Company, the Client agree to (1) no alcohol or other intoxicants or cigarettes. - including vapes

are allowed in the van; (2) all packages are inspected by the driver and go into the storage area at the rear of the van; (3)

the driver will phone the parents if alcohol or drugs are detected; (4) each parent of a teen passenger must provide a phone or cell phone contact number in case of violation or emergency; (5) only teens registered below as passengers are allowed transportation in the van; (6) any unusual spill, soiling or damage to the van caused by the passengers will

be charged to the person[s] booking the van; (7) signatures beside each name indicates this portion of the Agreement is accepted, and incorporated into the same, and parents and passengers listed and that the representative from the Company has the permission and right to inspect all packages and call parents accordingly.


Parties agree the sole and entire maximum liability of the Company and any of the services performed and the Client’s sole and exclusive remedy for any causewhatsoever shall be limited to the amount paid by the Client for services. In other matters of liability, I.e. those required by applicable law, the Client and the Company agree to first attempt a mediation of the dispute covered by this Agreement  The mediation shall be conducted pursuant to the Rules and Procedures of the American Arbitration Association for the resolution of such disputes, or as otherwise stipulated by the parties. The parties agree to make a good faith effort at mediating any disputes prior to filing a claim for arbitration. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the Company and the Client hereby consent to the resolution by binding arbitration of a claim or controversy for which a federal or state court would be authorized to grant relief, whether arising out of, relating to or associated with the Client receiving service(s) from the Company. The sole claim covered by this Agreement is for breach of contract, express or implied. Any mediation or arbitration of disputes shall be conducted by a single neutral mediator/arbitrator. All

arbitration covered by the Agreement shall be adjudicated pursuant to federal law applied by the United States District Court at the place of the hearing. By signing this Agreement, the parties waive their right to have their dispute litigated in a court by jury trial. A claim governed by this Agreement shall be filed no later than six (6)months (I.e. 180 days) from the date of discovery. Either party can initiate the mediation process by filing a claim, via certified mail - return receipt, against the Client, at the Clients last known mailing address or against the Company by - email address to In the event that mediation fails, either party may initiate the arbitration process by utilizing the same filing procedures indicated in initiating the mediation process. Each party may retain counsel at their own discretion. The party that files the claim shall be responsible for the filing fees and arbitrator expenses. The arbitrator may, at his/her discretion, permit the prevailing party to recover fees and costs to the extent permitted by applicable law. The parties shall be entitled to reasonable discovery as necessary to prosecute or defend the claim. The arbitrator shall have authority to grant motions. The arbitrator shall issue a written award, setting forth the award and basis thereof, and as binding, arbitration is the party's exclusive legal remedy. In addition to other considerations both parties promise to resolve claim(s) by arbitration rather than through courts or other bodies. This agreement shall survive the Client’s and the Company’s relationship whether claims arise during or after the relationship. The agreement contains the complete agreement of the parties on the subject of liability and arbitration.




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